Gordon McDonald (mindwanders) wrote in creativegoths,
Gordon McDonald

Craft Fairs in Edinburgh

If anyone is a fan of buying hand made goods in Edinburgh and also happens to be a Facebook traitor like me, click the cut.

I set up a Facebook group to help crafters and local people find out about what craft fairs are on in Edinburgh. I've listed masses of craft fairs as events and I'll be giving fans a reminder before they happen so you won't miss any hand crafted goodness.

I'd been doing a lot of research on what craft fairs I was going to be showing at with my own jewellery and I thought I might as well share the results of my work. I've listed all the craft fairs I've found, but there are new fairs getting announced all the time and some are quite hard to come across. So if you know about one that isn't listed please add it on.

Craft Fairs in Edinburgh
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